The Burgundy Luncheon Club Podcast


After five years of sold-out monthly luncheon discussion sessions in Vancouver, Rick Peterson launches his hugely popular Burgundy Luncheon Club in podcast format. This high-energy, no-BS and deeply engaging forum will see a full menu of poets and politicians, poseurs and pretenders as well as real leaders and anonymous heroes pushed to go beyond the superficial and dive deep into what matters, and what should matter.

Among the more than 100 past guests who have bellied up to the table have been sundry political party leaders, dissidents, erotic romance publishers, bishops and buddhists, Olympic athletes, pot advocates, undercover cops, journalists, pollsters, artists and arrivistes, and many more. Fast moving. Relevant. Witty. Penetrating. Fun. All of this on the menu, mixed with a glass or two of wine. And the best part is you’re guaranteed a seat at the table.